Andy Ledford

Andy Ledford Founder and CEO,  Operation Wolf Eyes         

Andy LedfordAndy spent 20 years in the Marines. He was hand-picked to start up a new unit called CBIRF that could respond within 24 hours anywhere in the world. He later moved to Yankee White under President Clinton’s administration. After his time there he went to California and was the lead anti-terrorist instructor after 9/11. He spent close to a year training Marines and SWAT on proper terrorist take done in city warfare. He was sent overseas to help train foreign units on how to fight terrorists. Upon returning to the States he trained units on how to prepare for battle in Iraq for about 8 months before he left to lead a unit in combat during the push in 2003 and deployed two more times before taking over the School of Infantry in California. Along with his staff they rewrote the training to fit current times of war so that young Marines would have up-to-date training before being deployed into a combat zone. Before he retired he was the Operation Chief for a ground sensor Platoon. For two years they helped Border Patrol from California to Texas using their equipment to guide agents to Human Trafficking and drugs.

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