Individual Sponsors

When you become a monthly donor we send you a Certificate showing that you have become a Supporting Donor to help fight Human Trafficking.

When you get your certificate, simply write in why you have decided to become a Supporting Member  of the Trafficking Rescue Abolitionist Council. Then send us a selfie with your certificate, so that we can add it to the Gallery.

          Support Levels:

  • Founder – $25.00 Monthly
  • Council – $50.00 Monthly
  • Upper Chamber – $75.00 Monthly
  • Abolitionist – $100.00 Monthly

We can make a difference in stopping human trafficking.

Fundraising For victims that are rescued and those that still need help

We can't do it alone. We need support from donations and volunteers like yourself to help save the lives of human trafficking victims. Please help and connect with us today!

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