Our Mission

Our Mission

We find that most of the organizations that assist our government in rescuing our children from the sex and labor slave trade do not have a main source of funding. They are manned by volunteers who have to work full-time jobs to support themselves and their families. They rely mostly on individual donations and special events to raise funds.

help is our main goal!

They receive no funding from the government, even though the government says that these agencies are needed. If these agencies had the capability to hire full-time employees it would be amazing how many more of these children they could rescue.

It is also true that many county and city police departments do not have the resources to establish their own trafficking departments. In North Carolina, we only have one count police agency that has such a department but yet is undermanned and under-equipped. Again, a lack of funds to finance this effort. With Human Trafficking on the increase putting our children in danger, our mission is to become the main source of income for these agencies that are fighting Human Trafficking. We shall concentrate on raising as many funds as we can so we can support as many of these agencies as possible. This will not only relieve their time to concentrate more on rescuing those who are being trafficked, but also give them the resources needed to develop new and innovative programs to stay ahead of the criminals that are committing these horrible acts.

We will give thanks to those who help us and Glory to God for touching the lives of not only those who give to this cause but also those on the front line trying to save those precious souls. So says the Board of

“Human Trafficking Rescue, Inc."