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The Human Trafficking Rescue Plan

Any stool must have at least three legs or it won’t stand up or be anything that anyone can sit on. This is the first leg of the Human Trafficking Rescue plan to fight trafficking. We think it is a good one. Rather than 3 legs, how strong would a 7 leg stool be? We think that it will be really strong. We have partnered with 5 other 501C3 charities that are involved in fighting trafficking. Now they are not all alike. They have different functions in how we are going to fight.

1.Operation Wolf Eyes with Andy Ledford. 

2.Native Search Solutions with Mark Pooley. 

3.FPI  with Regina Romain. 

4.Human Trafficking Rescue with Ronald L. Stockton.

It is our pleasure and honor at Human Trafficking Rescue, Inc. to partner with Operation Wolf Eyes and Andy Ledford.  Andy has been a pleasure to work with for he is extremely knowledgeable in his field but also knows how to get along with people.  Andy has a plan that we think may be the key to slowing down Human Trafficking at least in the State of North Carolina.  After doing my research I knew there were guys like Andy out there and boy was I glad I ran into him.  Andy is not the only one who has this type of plan.  I have seen other agents’ plans and they look very similar.  With people like Andy and others like him having the same type of plan being developed, it appears to me to have credible legitimacy.  Once you hear the plan and see it on paper you will know that it makes sense.  Our place as citizens, who want trafficking to stop, is to get behind guys like Andy and his plan and help to fund it and help any way we can to make the plan work.  May God be with us in this effort to stop trafficking.  But more so may God be with those poor souls who are still in captivity being raped and abused.  “Be patient my children, be strong, and survive any way you can, for we will be there just as soon as we can.”

The second leg of our plan is Native Search Solutions. Mark Pooley and this organization is just like Andy Ledford’s.  But different in that this charity is searching for Indigenous people.  Native Americans.  Most people that I have run into do not know that native Americans have been hit much harder than most groups of people in this country.  It is bad.  So we brought Mark on as a partner to help in this area.  Mark is one-half Navaho.  And he is passionate about this work.  Mark has agreed that he will also help all groups of people in trying to find the lost.  This will give us two organizations that will be working together in trying to find and rescue those that are enslaved and treated very poorly.

Then we have made contact with an organization (FPI) Forensic Paranormal Investigation, that we think is not only going to be helpful but really necessary.  No, they do not investigate ghosts.  Check out what they do.  They investigate murders and missing persons.  Regina used to work in the entertainment business producing documentaries for TV.  She has won three Emmys.  She is a talented individual who has grown tired of that industry and has turned her attention to this one.  Her whole family is made up of police and investigators and that is why she is now ready to do this kind of work.

My research has revealed to us that there is very little of this kind of partnering going on.  Yes, there is some but more is needed.  I looked high and low and asked God to let me know what He wants me to do for the prevention of trafficking.  Our interest is kids.  If we can educate the kids we will head off a great deal of trafficking.  Most programs are good but I wanted something different.  Something where we deal directly with the kids concerning bullying, cyberbullying, suicide and trafficking.  These are the things that cost kids their future more than anything else.  If we can educate the kids on these subjects it will serve to save lives and let kids grow up and live productive lives.  Again, after searching high and low I found nothing that seemed to fit.  Then one day I was visiting with a new business contact that gave me the name of a man that he was very impressed with and said that I should check him out.  He has quite a story and we are going to sponsor him because he is already doing what needs to be done and doing it in the most unique way that I ever thought of.  Now we have the fifth leg to our team.

Bob Holmes.  This is a rather unique fellow.  Please, when you have the time check out his (website, on our main website) and see what he does.  We will be using Bob to help educate the kids and to raise funds from churches.  Bob is a minister who has been doing this for over 30 years.  We are going to sponsor him across the country to help not only with awareness but to spread the word about Human Trafficking Rescue and what we are about.  We think his film will make a lot of contacts for him to get into many schools in this area that have not been seen yet.  Bob will be very important in the coming months and years in helping to spread our mission as well as his.  He is someone that can also come to your neck of the woods and work in your area as well.  Give it some major thought because he can help your organization by helping ours in your area,.  We are hoping to raise enough funds that all of our team members can become full-time in their respective organizations. 

We think that this team approach will be beneficial to all of us.  There is a  great deal of information in all of us that if we work as a team we will become more effective in our efforts.  Thanks to each and every one of you for joining our efforts to crush trafficking.  We want to see each of you working full time with your organization.  Check out the next tab to see where all the money goes.

Our purpose is to raise money, to support the organizations doing the day to day work to stop human trafficking.  We want to take the fundraising part of their work and put that on our shoulders and relieve them of that so they can concentrate on the work itself.  This was the biggest complaint that I ran into when I was doing my research.  Most charities are spending way too much time on fundraising and not enough time on their missions.  If we can raise enough support we can possibly assist other charities as well.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all charities had one place to get their funds from and have enough to concentrate on their missions?  If we can accomplish this we can make a big dent in this evil enterprise called Human Trafficking.  So come on in and check us out, we welcome any inspection you wish to conduct.  Have a nice day and God bless and don’t forget to DONATE. 

We can make a difference in stopping human trafficking.

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