The first two partners on the prior list are a couple of great guys who are wanting to actually do something about this problem.  So they are establishing units that will allow them to track the criminals and help to rescue the victims.  They have the contacts with the authorities that they need to be able to do this.  We want to fund them first and foremost because until we actually rescue someone there is really no need for anyone else to be funded.  These two organizations will be our first priority.

Then we have made contact with an organization (FPI) that we think is not only going to be helpful but really necessary.  No, they do not investigate ghosts. (LOL)  Check out what they do.  They investigate murders and missing persons.  What an asset they will be.  Regina use to work in the entertainment business in Hollywood and has actually won 3 Emmys.  She is a talented individual who has grown tired of that industry and has turned her attention to this one.  Her whole family is made up of police and investigators and that is why she is now ready to do this kind of work. 

Then there is Blossom and Grow, LLC.  Stacey L. Smith has a unique system of working with those survivors of trafficking that is effective.  Her organization is where we will turn for help in getting help for the survivors.  Stacey and I have a common long-term goal of establishing an international association for all trafficking charities.  We need a central body that can help keep track of how this work is growing internationally and how to best come up with the funds necessary to fight this crime.  This association will not only focus on this but also on the government and the regulations governing this criminal enterprise so we can get laws that are tough enough to deter these people from trafficking in the first place.  Grants are a nightmare to obtain.  An association will make it easier for charities to get the funds necessary to perform the mission of taking down these criminals.

Then there is Bob Holmes.  This is a rather unique fellow.  Please, when you have the time check out his websites and see what he does.  We will be using Bob to help educate the kids and to raise funds from churches.  Bob is a minister who has been doing this for over 30 years.  We are going to sponsor him across the country to help not only with awareness but to spread the word about Human Trafficking Rescue and what we are about.  We are wanting to show his short films on what he does at the telethon.  We think his film will make a lot of contacts for him to get into many schools in this area that have not been seen yet.  Bob will be very important in the coming months and years in helping to spread our mission as well as his.  He is someone that can also come to your neck of the woods and work in your area as well.  Give it some major thought because he can help your organization by helping ours in your area.  We are hoping to raise enough funds that all of you and Bob can become full-time in your respective organizations.  He will become very important as time goes by. 

We think that this team approach will be beneficial to all of us.  Therefore we encourage each of you to call each other and talk about what you do.  Visit and get to know one another as we are you.  There is a great deal of information in all of us that if we work as a team we will become more successful in our efforts.  Andy and Mark should definitely get to know each other as they both have things available to them that the other one doesn’t but could use.  Let’s work as a team and get this job done.

Thanks to each and every one of you for joining our efforts to crush trafficking.  We want to see each of you working full time with your organizations.  The telethon is only 5 months away.  The producer said to brace ourselves for the closer we get to the actual show the news media will want to do stories on all of us and why we are doing what we are.  They will pick up on this.  Since this is our first show we have no idea how much this is going to bring in.  The producer says we can put on a nice show and have things looking very professional, but the key will be in the advertising.  We are going on the Local TV station for the locals to show up for the fair and the shows.  But nationally we are going to have to depend on you and all you know to spread this far and wide.  The producer is building a link where people can watch the show live.  We will be able to post that to all of our web sights and allow people to watch the show live.  I will be forwarding that as soon as I have it.  When you get it send it to everyone you can think of and ask them to post it as well so all of their family and friends can watch as well.  The more we spread that link the better.  We will start the advertising in January.  We will also be sending out short videos from the entertainers to announce the show that you can put on your social pages on the net.  This will get things across the country faster than anything else we can do.  The social pages will be very important. 

I pray to see you all at the show and hope we can meet for a few minutes to actually form our team.  I know most of you are planning on being there.  Please research all of these people and see who they are.  I think you will be impressed.  Then use each other.  We can all help each other as a team.  Remember the more we advertise this telethon the more funds we raise.  We will not expand outside of our partners until all of them are being fully funded on a yearly basis.  If funds are left over after that then we will look at helping others.  If we do this right we can become a shining beacon to the rest of the country. 

We are going to need all the help we can get at the show so bring as many as you can with you.  And last but certainly not least.  Pray.  For the telethon and for each of us to be successful in our efforts to save these precious souls that are being tortured.  May God get all the glory and honor and be praised above all things. 

If you have any questions, call and email me.  Everything now is important so that this show will go well.  I also am asking that all of you individually set up a time for another video chat so I can give you specific information that all of you are going to need. I will be looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Thanks for all you do and may God bless each of you in your efforts to do good.

Ronald L. Stockton, Founder

Human Trafficking Rescue, Inc