Reward for Donation

With our exciting new partnership with, donors can now enjoy savings of up to 50% at thousands of dining establishments nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a fine restaurant, a fast-food joint, a dessert parlor, or a catering business, we have you covered.

With your ShoppingCard, you and your family can use it to enjoy bankable savings, discounts, deals, and coupons at over 300,000 local deals, 80,000 local and national chain restaurants, 40,000 hotels, 20,000 movie theaters, 4,000 products, gift cards, and much more.

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The ShoppingCard you receive will be at least 5 times the amount of your donation. Thank you for your generous donation! Enjoy your thank you gift!

Human Trafficking Rescue INC., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in North Carolina, is proud to announce a free lunch or dinner on us simply for donating $1! You can take your companion to a participating merchant, buy your sub and your companion receives theirs FREE!!! Enter your ZIP code to find out which merchants participate in this program. Additional local offers are available for dining, shopping, grocery, and entertainment. By donating $1, we will gift you a $25 digital ShoppingCard as a thank you for your generosity. We appreciate your support!

$100.00 donation will receive a $500.00 shopping card or a $500.00 Grocery Card, your choice.      

$50.00 donation will receive a $250.00 shopping card.

$20.00 donation will receive a $100.00 shopping card

$10.00 donation will receive a $50.00 shopping card

$5.00 donation will receive a $25.00 shopping card.

$1.00 donation will receive a $25.00 shopping card.  

We will give thanks to those who help us and Glory to God for touching the lives of not only those who give to this cause but also those on the front line trying to save those precious souls. So says the Board of

“Human Trafficking Rescue, Inc."