Willa Wittekind -Patsy Cline Tribute

Willa Wittekind is a Christian Country Contemporary artist originally from Knoxville, Tennessee.  Willa got into Gospel ministry and singing at the early age of 5 years old, her dad Donald Keith Hall was her support he was a singer and harmonica player and played on stage with Red speaks and several others and he was definitely a wonderful father and encouragement to her and in her love for ministry.

Willa started singing in talent shows in school in elementary school to high school and had many teachers encouraged her to dream big because they believed in her music abilities. In high school God gave her a dream about singing on stage and a song he led her to write her 1st original song called “Create In Me” talking about creating a clean heart and renewing a right spirit within yourself. He blessed her to write songs that would speak about His love for her and others as well, the experiences she had in her life and others had in their lives.

Willa gave her life to Jesus when she was 21 years old as and started writing songs for Him praying, getting more in His word and realized his love for her and wanted more of Him. God has recently opened some major doors for her and now she’s working with an independent Christian based record labels, production and Management Company out of Ohio called Todd Berry Enterprises who has taken an interest in her talents and has faith in a bright future for her music and ministry. Stay tuned new music scheduled to be released fall of 2022.

Willa Wittekind
Musician, Songwriter
Willa Wittekind
Willa Wittekind as Patsy Cline

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